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Freshly Organized is the secret to easier, stress-free days. Our mission is to work with you to create a personal organization plan that is simple and easy to maintain.  We help with time management, paper, closets, kitchens, and much more.  With us, you can feel organized and empowered.

We are:

  • active with the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)
  • constantly growing our organization knowledge
  • respectful of your time and space
  • insured and bonded, just to be safe

Put our skills to the test.


Meet the faces behind Freshly Organized


Certified Professional Organizer and Speaker

Mission Statement: I want to help others make their lives more streamlined and organized.

Where You’ve Seen Her:  Amy’s organizing tips are featured each month in MOMAHA Magazine. She co-authored the book Outrageously Organized. Her tips have been featured in Good Housekeeping, Rachel Ray Online Magazine, the Omaha World Herald, HGTV Remodels and on local TV and radio.
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In Her Own Words:  I worked in engineering to make manufacturing processes simpler and more efficient. This “lean” thinking naturally carried over into my home.  I have helped many families in the Omaha area since 2008 and am thankful for that opportunity. I share my training and experience with my team members so Freshly Organized’s organizers and services are the some of the best in the country.

Amy is a member of the Heartland OrganizersNational Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), Past-President of the NAPO Virtual Chapter, Currently Chair of the NAPO Marketing Committee

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 IMG_3816Organizing Consultant

Organization Philosophy: Organized systems help families thrive.

Mission Statement:  Bring joy to others by helping them live easier lives and find beauty in everything.
Get to Know Her:  Kammie found her calling for establishing and arranging elegant yet practical systems 20 years ago when she took her first position as full-time nanny.     Read More About Kammie

She loved the kids and saw first-hand how a daily routine helped them to learn, grow, and feel safe. She took great joy in setting up and maintaining organized systems tailored to the family’s environment and ever changing needs. It grew into her passion over the past 20 years and she has never been happier.  It’s a joy to help others make their lives easier and find beauty in everything.

In Her Own Words:  I am now a mother of my own two children, which has provided greater insight into the unique circumstances of every person and family. It is an honor for me to be trusted into the home of a client.  I work with my clients to improve the quality of their lives by tailoring a plan that creates order and beauty in their surroundings.    

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Organizing ConsultantAmy LaMar

Organization Philosophy: Everyone defines organization differently. I like to help people discover the method that works best for them.

Mission Statement: From organizing filing cabinets to school papers, recipe boxes and photos, I want to help clients feel better about and more productive in their spaces.
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Where You’ve Seen Her:  Amy has been a professional writer, editor and proofreader for 17 years. She has written several columns on organizing, and her attention to detail is key to helping people with their organizing needs.

In Her Own Words:  A big part of my job, especially when interviewing people for the articles I write, is listening. I look forward to the opportunity to get “inside your head” and figure out organizing solutions together.

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Certified Professional Coach and Professional Organizer

Organization Philosophy: Beliefs that we have about ourselves and the world stop us from achieving our goals. Change your beliefs and the possibilities are limitless.

Mission Statement: My passion is to help my clients to discover what success means to them and to support them in finding ways where they can feel the exhilaration of being successful every day. Read More About Traci

It doesn’t matter if success is getting out the house on time, taking a healthy lunch to work, or saving someone’s life on the operating table. If it is a success for you, it feels good and it feeds the fire of motivation to create more success. I am privileged to see that force in action time and time again as a coach.

Where You’ve Seen Her: Traci speaks at corporate functions and MOPS groups and her tips have been published in the book she co-authored, Outrageously Organized!, and also in her local newspaper publication. Traci loves working with groups and she teaches several organizing and coaching classes at Southeast Community College in Lincoln and has enjoyed leading a clutter support group at her church.

In Her Own Words:  As I look back on my life, I can connect the dots and see that I have been preparing my whole life to be a coach. My life experiences have led me to develop a mind for efficiency and a knowing that my life purpose includes deeply listening to people (which alone can be transformative!). I have been drawn to educational experiences that have helped me to build an invaluable set of tools that I can use as I serve others as they pursue their goals and navigate their path. I’m truly honored to play even a small part in helping someone reach for their dreams.

Traci is a Professional Organizer and Executive and Life Coach specializing in Time Management and Productivity. She is a Certified Professional Coach(CPC) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Traci is a member of the  Heartland OrganizersFaithful OrganizersNational Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

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