How To Enjoy The Holidays More

How To Enjoy The Holidays More

holiday homeThe holidays are a wonderful time of year with many celebrations, but I think we all agree that when the holiday season gets into full swing, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed.

Here are a few quick ideas on how to simplify the season.

  • Put all the events on the calendar and turn down the events that take the season from fun to overwhelming. You are not obligated to attend every event.
  • Let yourself off the hook. If you need to get your outside lights up, but are dreading it and know it will be a half-hearted attempt, then let yourself off the hook. This goes for other things that, in the big picture, just aren’t that important.
  • Know your priorities and keep your eye on them the whole month. Try to keep your exercise, diet, and sleep routine consistent. Family time is just as important this time of the year as the rest of the year.
  • Honor traditions, but be flexible. If you have a tradition that you and your family are losing your enthusiasm for, then skip it this year and try something new. You can always go back to it next year if you want.

How to Store Holiday Stuff

This seems to be jumping ahead, right? If you consider your frustration as you unpack and search for your holiday decorations this year, then identifying some solutions now for when you take down the decorations makes perfect sense. Here are a few changes you might consider now to make the season more organized and simplify the take-down process.

  • Wrapping station caddy. A small caddy to hold your tape, scissors, labels, pen, and other wrapping tools can be super useful. Just grab your rolls of paper and caddy, then you are ready to wrap anywhere.
  • Christmas tree bag. You know how hard it is to get your tree back in the box. You can find Christmas Tree Bags that work very well for storing your tree.
  • Wreath boxes. Christmas wreaths are an odd shape and they are hard to store.  Some people just hang them in their storage area, which works, but you also can find wonderful wreath-shaped bins that help your wreaths maintain their shape without the dust.
  • Ornament boxes. These make decorating the tree easier and helps protect the ornaments from breakage.
  • Wrap your lights. You can use something as simple as a piece of cardboard to wrap your lights around for storage.  No more tangles!
  • Storage bins. These work great for everything else.  If you can, get red bins to signify that they contain Christmas items.

When we start putting things away, we want to remember to pack away all the miscellaneous items.  Keeping holiday dish towels in the dish towel drawer all year long just isn’t a good idea.

These are some of the holiday items we forget to pack away for the year:

  • entertaining dishes
  • paper plates
  • napkins
  • socks
  • undergarments
  • ties
  • jewelry/coat pins
  • sweaters
  • gloves
  • hats
  • hand/dish towels
  • pot holders
  • and CD’s

As you put away all your stuff this year, don’t forget to include all these little accessories.  Not only will it help you remember to use them to celebrate next year, but it will also free up space for the other eleven months of the year.



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