Love Your Space

Love Your Space

It only takes a few minutes each day to love your space! Here are some simple changes to make that will help your space organized.

Kitchen:  Clear your counter tops of everything except the items you use daily.  Each evening take 10 minutes to clean the kitchen and wipe off the counters.  This give you a refreshing start to the next day.

Family room:  Give all the stuff left behind in the family room a space to be found.  A nice basket can collect everyone’s stuff until its claimed.  This is much better then having little things laying all over!!

Play room:  If you have little kids, this room is all about acceptance.  It will be a mess everyday that they play in the room.  A quick, 10 minute pick up in evening can help you start the day on  a clean slate.

Entry closet:  Give each family member a cubbie in the closet.  Something as simple as a hanging sweater organizer can be used.   The cubbie can contain hat, gloves, scarfs for easy finding on cold days.

Guest bath:  The only thing needed in this bathroom is soap, towel and toilet paper.

Master bath:  Clean out your top drawer. Only keep items that are used everyday in that drawer.  If you have lots of hair products on your countertop, consider getting a caddie to contain them and keep them under the sink.  Pulling them out each day isn’t too hard.  Now putting them back, that might be a different story.

Laundry room:  Have a bin or basket labeled for each member of your family.  Toss clothes in there when you fold.  They can then easily take the baskets to their room.  No more piles sitting around the living room!

Dining room:  Set the table with pretty dishes.  Not only is this decorative, but it also prevents you from setting miscellaneous stuff on the table.

Master bedroom:  Put the laundry away.  Set a timer for 15 minutes and get all the clothes put away.

Master closet:  Flip all your hangers backwards.  Switch the hangers the right way after you wear an item.  It really works!

Kids closet:  Create an “I don’t want this” spot for the kids (or you) to put donations and hand me downs.  You can sort it out after it’s full.

Kids bathroom: Can you say toothpaste in the sink?  Keep handy wipes for quick clean up of their messes.

Kids bedroom: Create zones for little kids.  The zones can be reading, playing, getting ready.  This can help them focus better when doing an activity like getting ready.

Storage room: Contain and label. Get everything off the floor onto shelving.  The use of containers and vertical space will enable your storage room hold more.

Garage: Make the walkway from the car door to the home entry a storage area for the kids activity equipment.  This makes it easy for them to grab their basketball on the way to practice.  It will also make it easy for them to put it away when you get home.



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