Medicine cabinets need spring-cleaning too

Medicine cabinets need spring-cleaning too

As you tackle all of your spring cleaning, it’s good time to clean out the the medicine cabinet and stock up items you’ll need for summer.

1. Sort through all your medicines.

2. Dispose of any medicine that has expired or is no longer needed.  The question comes up quite a bit about the proper way to dispose of medicine. Area pharmacies recommend just putting the medicine in the trash. Do Not flush medicine as it could get into the water supply. If you don’t feel comfortable disposing of the unwanted items that way, Consumer Reports has a few other suggestions. One is taking to a designated pharmacy that will accept the old medication. To find one near you, check out

3. After you’ve cleaned out your medicine, do a quick inventory of what you need for the upcoming summer months.

  • Have you got enough band aids and ointment for the summer booboo’s?
  • Do you have some creme for the itchy summer bug bites?
  • What about bug spray to prevent those itchy bites?

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