Organizing the Garage

Organizing the Garage

The garage can be a very useful space, but sometimes it becomes a family dumping ground. Since we don’t live in the garage, it’s pretty easy to let  garage organization get away from us.

The first step to organizing any garage is always to clean out the things you don’t want or need. If you can, take everything out and consider if you even need it or want it anymore.(You may have a yard sale in your future! Or, at the very least, a few trips to the Goodwill.)

IMG_0419Next step is to make zones for sporting equipment, gardening/yard supplies, tools, projects, etc.  When you are making zones, try to evaluate how you use things. Here’s an example. If you or your kids play a sport on a regular basis, then placing sporting equipment by the car might be ideal. It makes it easy to grab your gear as you are on your way to a game.

After you’ve made your zones, put all like things together in their zone and put in some sort of storage solution – containers, bins, buckets. Shelves, cabinets, and hooks  are very helpful in getting everything off the floor.

If you have a project you’ll be working on over a period of time that requires storage or even work space, then you will factor that in to your plans. For most people, projects aren’t much fun to work on if you don’t have a good space to work. Take time to think about hobbies or projects that you or your family has that require a little space in the garage and how to maximize the designated space. Perhaps ceiling shelves are a good solution or a compact work table.

Last but not least, a coat of paint can really freshen up the garage. The garage is the first thing you see when you get home from a day at work and the part of your home that your neighbors see on a daily basis.  If you get it cleaned out and organized, you’ll feel better and you might even have some neighbors with “garage envy”.



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