How can a Productivity Consultant help your business?

Desk Organizing and Process Improvements:  Amy will meet with a group of 3 to 7 employees for a full day of office organizing and process improvements. She begins the day with a training session, then each employee returns their spaces to work on organizing with Amy’s guidance. Amy will spend time with each of the participants to identify process obstacles and help create customized solutions that will increase their productivity and efficiency.  At the end of the day all the employees will have a much improved work space.  Fee is $250 per employee.

Office Process Improvements: Need a consultant to see your business with a fresh set of eyes?  Amy will spend time with you and your employees to identify process obstacles and help create solutions that will increase efficiency. Fee depends on time needed to access processes.

One on One Employee Development:  Organization and time management skills just don’t come naturally to some employees.  This time will be spent getting your employee organized plus include time management techniques.  Fee: $300/employee for 3 hours of consultation time spread over one month.

Team Development: 2 hour presentation See your team’s performance increase with our professional organizing tips.  This two-hour presentation is a fun team building experience that focuses on the biggest organizing challenges. A group brainstorm session to follow will lead to a more productive work environment. Fee: $300

And an employee favorite…

Lunch and Learn:  One hour presentation  Fun and informative, this is a program your employees will love to attend. The presentation includes organizing basics, time management techniques, plus a helpful Q&A session. Fee: $200

Contact Amy if you have any questions or visit for more info.