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As Professional Organizers we come across a lot of organizing techniques, information, and products.  We have our favorites and here are a few we wanted to share.

Things we love..


National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO): NAPO is our professional organization.  We love NAPO because we get to connect with other organizers from all over the world, we get quality education and leadership opportunities and we connect with suppliers that can provide quality organizing products to our clients.





Meal Planning:  Having a plan can help you provide healthy and affordable meals for your family.  You can freeze ahead (as pictured), have theme nights or try a meal plan service like e-mealz.  Find a plan that works for you and your family.



IMG_2695High Speed Scanners:  Yes, turn your old pictures into digital pictures with these high speed scanners.  Our local Targets have these scanners available in the photo area.  We also know local services that will do the scanning for you if needed.  Why go digital?  It is easier to share your pictures with family and once the picture is scanned, it will never age or get destroyed.  Just be sure it is backed up!





Getting Organized Magazine is a wonderful resource for organizing tips and products.  We love the ideas they share!!  You can order the magazine in a digital format or a paper copy.  If you are interested in ordering click here.





Open Top File Boxes:  If you have ever worked with us then you know this is one of our favorite ways to organize your papers.  It is an easy way to contain the piles that tend to collect on your countertops.  We help you customize it to your needs.  It is a good thing!





Here is another favorite tip of ours.  Flip your hangers backwards at the beginning of a season.  As you wear items, flip the hanger the correct way.  At the end of the season you will know exactly what items you never wore because their hangers will still be backwards.





Gift Cards:  We love giving a gift card for an experience as a present.  Not only does the recipient get to do something fun but they also don’t get a toy or other item that clutters up their space.






We love family communication centers.  This can be in many formats.  The dry erase calendar (as pictured), paper, or digital are all good options.  Just pick the one that best fits your family’s lifestyle.






Need to contain your plastic containers?  Maybe you want drawers in your cabinets?  There are companies that can help with that but if you need a quick cheap fix, here you go.  A bin that fits in your cabinet can keep your stuff contained.






And we just have to love Sheldon because he makes us laugh.



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