Don’t just take our word for it.

We have happy clients all over the Omaha area.

We take the stressful burdens off of homeowners in the Omaha community and replace them with processes that work. Here is what some of  our happy clients them have said about the transformation.

“Trying to take things one small step at a time so I dont get too overwhelmed…kids think it is fun now! My daughter is especially loving her new room! Thanks again for all your help!!! It has made a huge difference in our lives! ~ Shawna

I want to thank you again for all of your expertise. I have been singing your praises to others who have asked about working with a professional organizer. My take home on this experience was that it was much easier (and quicker) to work with someone who I am not emotionally attached to, and who has no emotional attachment to the stuff. You and I accomplished the garage task in half the time that it takes my husband and I to do it.” ~ Kris

“Working with Amy Tokos has been a very enriching and valuable experience for me! As a parent of two busy boys and a wife of a very busy husband, I was having a difficult time keeping my household organized. Amy has been very helpful to me in two separate, but related ways. First, she helped me clean, sort and donate in specific areas of my house. Second, by working alongside me in this process, she has empowered me with the skills to continue to stay organized and to continue organizing throughout my home. My entire family is appreciative of Amy’s advice and superb organizing skills. Additionally, Amy has always been very professional and maintains client confidentiality, which is very important to me. Thanks, Amy!” ~ Amy M

“I really enjoyed working with you! I keep walking in my room to make sure it’s really clean and not a dream! ~ Alissa

“It always feels so good after you’ve been here”. ~ Jamie

My mom sent me a check for my birthday and I told her I was going to use it to buy 2 more hours of organizing. I told her that if I was actually choosing organizing over Chico’s (my son always says, “Mom sure loves her Chico’s”) then I am really on a roll.” ~ Anne

What Husbands are Saying.

Husbands are always telling the team at Freshly Organized that …
“… it’s the best money we’ve ever spent!”

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