This Year, Let’s Plan to Give Less, and Get More

This Year, Let’s Plan to Give Less, and Get More

The shopping season has arrived and Black Friday is just 4 days away.  What is on your list?  Your kids, and spouse, have a list for Santa with all their wants.  As you venture out into the stores, what’s your plan?  Do you want all the items on the kids list in your house?  Do you have the space? Will these new things be at the bottom of the toy box next month? All things to think about.  But what can you do?  Give these ideas a try with your own family spin, of course.

Give an Experience:  Have your kids been asking to go to the Children’s museum?  Zoo?  Or maybe they want ice skating lessons or drum lessons.  Is there an upcoming concert or sporting event?  Maybe a family trip could be reserved. These would be great experience gifts.  One year we surprised our kids with a week vacation that started on December 26th.  They each only got a small gift with travel supplies and the trip itinerary.  It was fun and we have many great family memories from that trip.

IMG_0334Give a Consumable:  Baked goodies, wine, or other food items can be fun.  A year wine club, beer club or fruit of the month is always a special treat.  You can also make things like infused oils or homemade vanilla.

Give the Gift of Time:  What better way to connect with people?  Time is a true gift of yourself.  Maybe your neighbors could use a babysitter or your Mom would like a pedicure date.  For kids, a scheduled date is always good with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant and movie gift card.

 Best Gift Ever at Our Home:  Last year, we were having trouble deciding what to get my husband for his birthday.  We brainstormed and came up with “Date’s with Dad”.  We each picked a place to go with Dad and purchased gift cards.  He had fun and we each got to spend quality time either eating out or going to movies with our favorite guy.

So, as you decide what you will be purchasing for others this year, why don’t you try to give less stuff.  You are guaranteed to get more family time, good family memories and less clutter.  Gotta love that!


Amy Tokos,CPO® is a Certified Professional Organizer, owner of Freshly Organized and mother of four beautiful children.  With her help, her clients from all over the country are simplifying and restoring order in their homes and offices.

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